Thermo king sound


Hi again.
Kriechbaum gave me a wonderfull idea.
We don’t need any more the truck engine to make it work.
I have made an mp3 sound about 30 minutes with different working
It’s for music folder so with this one we can adjust the volume like
we want.


1)unzip mp3 to your desktop and copy it to the clipboard (right clik
to file and copy)
2)Open C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Documents and find Euro Truck Simulator 2
3)Open music folder and there paste (right clik and paste) the file
4)open game and with (R) button enter to music open sound program find
and play it.
From there you can udjust the volume like you want.
Refrigerated trailer when load unit has to work.
For 32 years i have that sound in my ears.
Oldies working 24 hours a day for keeping cooling was not like
wonderfull European refrigerated trailers.

Thank’s for watchimg i hope that you find it usefull.
Best regards

PS It’s up to you in game music radio or thermo king.



7 Responses to Thermo king sound

  1. ursturbo says:

    Thank you!super mod!

  2. Chrisknowseverything says:

    I had this idea to for a long time but i didn’t know it could be done! But it is if you can find a clip of a american reefer and do a mod? If so Thank You!

  3. kriechbaum says:

    Nice Volidas ! i will use it for sure đŸ˜‰

  4. ali says:

    I’m super happy! I have a PSN card code and it got accepted! It’s totally free too!

  5. Volidas says:

    Thank yoy guys!!!

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