Thor Tenden Transport skin – Ohaha Volvo


ETS2 TruckDesign is proud to present another public skin!
This is a Thor Tenden Transport skin to the Ohaha Volvo
Please visit: for other skins/questions.

Please respect our work, an DO NOT RE-UPLOAD OR SHARE ON OTHER SITES!!
If we see this skin shared on other sites we will NEVER share skins public agian!

The file: Tenden – Ohaha-lightbox.scs HAVE TO BE ON TOP IN MOD MANAGER!!!

ETS2 TruckDesign team.

ETS2 TruckDesign | Christoffer Dybvik


2 thoughts on “Thor Tenden Transport skin – Ohaha Volvo

  1. Nice, is it possible to do one for the t series aswell?

    1. Derp, didnt realize i aleready posted on the rjl one… Sorry about that

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