Tiger Logistics VTC Custom Trailer

This is a Tiger Logistics VTC Trailer. Enjoy ;D
It is Standalone.
Tested in Game Version 1.27.x
You will have to sleep a little bit or do some jobs until it will apper in Freight Market.
Please do not Reupload!
Dont click on any shady ads on sharemods.com!
Tiger Logistics VTC are always hiring! For more information visit www.tigerlogisticsvtc.co.uk. We also have a reward system where you can win things just by driving in Euro Truck Simulator 2! ;D
Password in sharemods: 1234

NilWo (Help by Amaan)


4 thoughts on “Tiger Logistics VTC Custom Trailer

  1. Sorry but does it have a password if it’s written down below?
    Once unlocked you can load on all sites
    or am I wrong?

    1. On the bottom of the Text it says Password in sharemods. (1234)
      Email me if youve got more problems – [email protected]

  2. No no, I did not have any problems and thank you for your contact.
    I did not understand why the mod blocked, and with password
    Visible has it all.
    It was just my curiosity

    1. Oh okay. Thats nice then.
      Enjoy the mod! 😀

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