Tinie Manders Trailer Skin


Trailer replaced Transinet

Author: JoeyBoerenkamp


4 thoughts on “Tinie Manders Trailer Skin

  1. Tim Stevens (TS Transport Group B.V.)

    Het Joey, dit is de truckskin die je gemaakt had: https://ets2.lt/en/daf-xf-tinie-manders-skin/

    Gr. Tim

  2. Hey Joey,

    Very cool Truck,

    my Question

    Which mod you have installed the DAF lobes and the Foglight under the bumper without Kelsea?

    Thanks in advance.

    MfG R440mann

    1. Joey Boerenkamp

      I do have the link:


      The mod doesn’t work with other Balbo lightpacks. This mod isn’t made by me.

      Greetz Joey Boerenkamp

      1. Big Thanks for this Link.

        Greetz R440mann

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