Tinted Headlights-Renault-T V 0.1

Tinted Headlights-Renault-T V 0.1

Hello everybody, I am providing a small modification of the headlights.



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10 thoughts on “Tinted Headlights-Renault-T V 0.1

  1. funktioniert nicht im modordner nicht zufinden

    1. Das muss über dem LKW stehen bzw. über allem was das orginla Licht hat

  2. rocky du muß die Datei auch noch vorher Entpacken und den Ordner da raus nehmen

  3. go to hell with Renault-t. worst truck in the world.

    1. All this guy’s giving bad feedback and destroying the mods , show us ! Make mod yourself in place of complaining . Easy to comment but this guy’s are the last to participate and share with the community .
      Thanks , even fore bad mod’s , next time they will by better .
      Keep working and forget all the ###### complaining and do nothing , just staying on the side line .

  4. @stewowe
    No one forces you to play him. Meaningless comment. People are ###

  5. It’s not working because the mod is not made correctly
    You made a rar file with a folder inside and in that folder are the mod files. Would be better if you made the rar with those files and not put a folder? Like if you do it, do it properly!

  6. Yes, and you take out and throw them in the modfolder. What’s wrong with it? Just howl, and then wonder if nobody makes more mod’s. I’m so sorry I did everything wrong sorry ###

  7. Can some moderator from this site come here and delete all the comments? Jesus christ, bunch of ungrateful assholes.
    And to the author, the mod looks nice, I’ll give it a try later, dont mind these peoples, they are not the majority, they are just the people that talk more some times.

  8. Can some moderator please delete this mod. these ungrateful assholes don’t care about this ####. Thank you!!

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