TITAN Motorcycle


TITAN Motorcycle,tested on1.24.This mod has got:
-Own interior
– sounds
Find in Scania Dealer,not too expensive?
【#:Some bugs with the wheels,fixing it..】
Have fun!??????



20 Responses to TITAN Motorcycle

  1. Schenker-Driver says:

    It´s not true…
    ETS2 is a Trucksimulation. But now all the S***t comes up here.

    So I think, we can stop ETS2 and going home to play Games for little Kiddys.

    Why they accept Bikes and Cars in a Truckgame here??? 🙁 🙁 :_(

    • Nerowskyymonster says:

      If you don´t want it, shut up! That´s your opinion. (A wrong opinion)

      • DigitalX says:

        How on earth can an opinion be wrong?

        Good grief some people.

        Seems like you are easily triggered :^)

        • Renato says:

          Hahahahahaha man have you ever used your brain in life?

          • Nerowskyymonster says:

            Have you ever used your life child?

    • Damien says:

      THEN NOT CLICK ON IT MISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • parasperunaa says:

      Then don’t download it?

    • MichelDeutscher says:

      Mensch laber net .
      Mod´s sind Spaß für Alle .

      Musst ja ein 2 Rad fahren ,in Ets2.

    • sparta says:

      its not a forced update, if you buy a house off of me and i say “its yours, but you cant paint it” be a bit out of order. pc modding scene is pretty good, all mods are welcome as far as i am concerned.

  2. Damien says:

    I like you and your mod.

  3. Ishraq Rahman says:

    I cant find it in the scania dealer 🙁

  4. guillaumelievers says:

    A Genius mod! Well done! It is a very good working mod but the wheels have a bug. Can you done that in the next mod of it.

    • Andreas Johannes says:

      Can you please tell me how to get it? i Can’t find it 🙁 Please help!

    • dennismiao says:

      glad you like it,the bugs,i am fixing it,if i finish it,i will send it to the webside?

  5. MichelDeutscher says:


  6. Greg51fr says:

    I want a uptdate the this funny mod !

  7. Lucas Morais Silva says:

    Além de colocar os créditos errado ainda não sabem nem montar o mod. não tem bug nenhum, quem fez esse mod foi eu e funcionava perfeitamente na época, Palhaçada isso ai.

  8. chris says:

    My game crashes

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