Tles cargo pack part 1/4


Mod contain 20 trailers. Part 1/4.
Test on 1.19

Tles Team


7 Responses to Tles cargo pack part 1/4

  1. RetroSpectre says:

    I appear to be crashing, I’ve disabled every trailer mod I have but no luck :/
    Could an actual Truck mod be interfering with the pack or could the mod itself just be unstable?

    • Shineslip says:

      Need turn on 2 archives in this mod.

      • RetroSpectre says:

        I did activate both. The game wont crash if its the only mod activated but as soon as I activate one mod, the game just becomes unstable or something and crashes.

  2. Darsh71 says:

    Hello ! very nice ! we need wait the last parts for use it please ?

  3. kolynrae says:

    Классные прицепы Спасибо

  4. DJC says:

    Whats the password for the archive?

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