Tmail Nadu Bus KT Transport Skin for Maruthi Body V01

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This skin is made for Kerala bus Maruthi model body V01

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Bus mod Download:

Thank You!!!

by_John Abraham,Team K.B.S


4 thoughts on “Tmail Nadu Bus KT Transport Skin for Maruthi Body V01

  1. JESUS, DUDE please STOP !!!
    It’s a TRUCK Simulator !
    NOT a BUS… NOT a CAR… NOT a MINECRAFT and all other sh1ts !!!!

  2. Hello, Trucker,
    yes, thats right.
    It calls EUROPEAN Truck Simulator.
    What we will with this #### here?
    It´s for little Kids, not for real Men.

    1. Hi JoachimK!
      Yes i understand the game supports bus simulation but this guy produce a spaming this site!
      It too much !

  3. I don,t like cartoons 🙁

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