Tokyo Bayshore 1.22


1/3 scale Shutoko Bayshore route Map mod.

– fixed bug
texture error of Yurikamome AGT in Tokyo.
sidewalk texture error.

-additional features
Oi train depot.
JR series N700.

Shinkansen is Japanese High-speed railway system and its higher reliability (on-time statistics ,safety records and high capacity) is unprecedented system in the world.

This small update adds theirs home Oi depot and series N700 Shinkansen.



6 Responses to Tokyo Bayshore 1.22

  1. routier31300 says:

    compatible promods 2.2 ??

  2. Koutuu says:

    Sorry guys, the Texture bugs is still appearing.
    I will upload v1.2.3 soon.

    • Ger says:

      Was just about to report that there is even more texture red bugs showing, where it had not shown before.

  3. paulo says:

    esse mod poderia ser complemento outros mod map ficaria muito bom, amigo Koutsu , mudei o setor e testei com outros mods e ficou muito bom (maega mapa,korea,pan,china,legiunnaire,etc…).ok

  4. paulo says:

    This mod could be a complement Other mod map would be good Very, friend Koutsu, I changed the industry and tested with other mods and was very good (mega map, korea, pan, legiunnaire, etc …) .ok

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