Tokyo Bayshore [1.30]

1/3 Scale Tokyo-Yokohama map mod
+New landmarks for Kawasaki.
+ETS2 v1.30 compatible

-Trucks customization crash the game.(SCS original bug from 1.30release version)
-Port of Tokyo and Kawasaki is under building.
-Weather definition reset to default.

Fixed many of obsolete models and materials.
Some of the overwrite type files deleted.

Jazzycat`s AI mod v6.31 compatible.
DLC East,Scandinavia and France required.



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6 thoughts on “Tokyo Bayshore [1.30]

  1. harita+gözükmüyor

  2. does not work how to install

  3. Why now France is reqired?

  4. FoxOnTheBox

    Hi Koutsu, I’ve tried different load options and it crashes everytime whilst making a base. Can you take a look at this please. I’m on 1.30 so it’s not that.

  5. I have found JP License plates replacement causing crash the game when you look the First Garage, Not owned Preferred Truck, and Truck Customization.
    I will upload next version soon that separate the problem def file.

    DLC France has tons of nicely look road side objects.
    Lifetime of a person is not unlimited.
    I can not waste my time for create each models by my self.

    1. FoxOnTheBox

      Thanks my friend !

      Appreciate it very much 🙂

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