Tokyo Bayshore v 1.305

1/3 scale Tokyo-Yokohama Standalone map mod.

-ETS2 1.30x compatible
-Add a MAN Truck dealer at Kawasaki
-Daishi Junction&IC completed
-Brand new road prefabs and templates
-Hino Dutro-Hybrid Packer AI



8 Responses to Tokyo Bayshore v 1.305

  1. luke says:

    WOrks with TSM and RUS MAP?

  2. Jean says:


  3. Koutuu says:

    I forgot put down this
    DLC Scandinavia and France required

  4. heavygamer70 says:

    map dont work, tried without any other mods, but no chance, got every time standard map

  5. Koutuu says:

    You may read readme.txt
    All of the standalone map mods should select Map Module when you make a New Profile.

  6. BrianK says:

    Thanks for this awesome map! Reminds me of the Wangan Midnight Movie with the Nissan Fairlady Z S30 a.k.a Devil Z and the RUF CTR Yellowbird a.k.a Blackbird.
    Thank you very much! đŸ™‚

  7. Min says:

    Wow, It’s really cool. Map works perfectly for me. Thanks!

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