Tokyo Bayshore V1.20


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“The Metropolitan Gateway”
Tokyo International Airport is one of the Top 10 Busiest airport in the world and most busiest airport in Japan.
Many of the domestic flights connecting Tokyo to everywhere in Japan from this airport.
This is a first place to visit in Tokyo for many Japanese.
Oi toll barrier build for collect toll from the car across Kanagawa – Tokyo border.
There was one of the bottle neck on Bayshore route before ETC become common.
In addition , after the merge both of Kanagawa and Tokyo toll area, this toll barrier`s role left only few reasons.
The government planning remove the toll barrier until hold Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
DLC Scandinavia and Going East! required.



6 Responses to Tokyo Bayshore V1.20

  1. Beth says:

    Compatible With France DLC?

  2. Darsh71 says:

    hello. please, compatible with all DLCs and promods/TSM ? thank ^^ (and for Beth, Learns politeness, Modders are not dogs, nor at your service)

  3. JMpower85 says:


  4. Adrian G. says:

    Great Tokyo map, fully realistic, would anyone care to adapt it for the latest ETS 2 version ?

    Thank you.

  5. LaurentJap says:

    The real LAST VERSION (for ETS2 v1.25!)

  6. Padre says:


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