TokyoBayshore 1.332

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1/3 scale Tokyo-Yokohama Map mod.
-ETS2 v1.33x compatible
-DLC Scandinavia & France required
-JazzyCat`s AI 9.0 compatible (optional def)

-Wings on the ground
Corrugated alminium van called “Wing” is widely using Japanese Trucks and Trailers.
The van developed in ’70s for easy to protect cargos from weather conditions with maintain loading capability.
Opened wing door and side brick could load cargo pallet from both sides by forklift as flatbed.
Also It has rear cargo doors like normal vans has it for loading bay.

-Update log
2 additional cargo depots at Kawasaki
fixed terrain and props
new prefabs
Undersea tunnel upgraded
AI Truck SuperGreat5 D scale
AI traffic rate adjusted
Wing van trailer fix



9 thoughts on “TokyoBayshore 1.332

  1. virtualtrucker

    Where can I drive wing trucks?

  2. is the wing ownable?

    1. No 🙁

  3. Works great!

    Nice Map, nice Trailer.

    Good Job 🙂

  4. lordmodets2

    it is increasingly difficult to understand the relationship of certain moderes with this simulator, is it that some have not yet realized that the name of the simulator is EURO (Europe) TRUCK SIMULATOR ?

    1. Is a game, relax guy…, use Promods 😀

    2. John Smith

      I don’t quite agree with that either, but at least this map is standalone.
      Like, nobody bothered developing a truck simulator for Japan and Australia.
      Even though it would market at least well for those who seek a challenge. As for Australia Truck Simulator, I think those outside of Australia who like wastelands and a couple of jungles. And RHD Kenworth and Pete with 18 speed shifting on the left.
      These games would definitely sell better than an Africa Truck Simulator (It’s too big anyway). Meanwhile we need to satisfy our desire with this medium that is Euro Truck Simulator.

    3. its a game no more so shut ur little mouth

  5. darkexplorer64

    Short trip on this beautiful map, thanks for the update.

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