Tonar Trailer

Tonar (1) Tonar (2)

– Replace: krone Profiliner
– version: 1.18.х

Author: Pavel Gorshkov


6 Responses to Tonar Trailer

  1. kosmos says:

    Выглядит отлично , Looks great

  2. Dan4o says:

    Looks very nice but how about an standalone model?

  3. kosmos says:

    he with wheels problem on the default , у него проблемма с колесами на дефолте

    • Schulz says:

      He does not have any problems, checked personally!
      Нет у него никаких проблем, проверено лично!

  4. Faelandaea says:

    I wanted to swing back and say thanks for this. it is an awesome trailer and now one of my favorites in the fleet once I got my fleet colors on her. 🙂

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