Tonerud Skin for Scania Topline


A Tonerud skin for the Scania Topline. Use of Truck Shop by Maghetto is recommended because of the grille colour.

No wheels or other parts included in the mod.

Author: BartvHam


5 thoughts on “Tonerud Skin for Scania Topline

  1. My collection of skins will also be at

  2. what i have to choose to make my front grill in color?
    i load your skin. skin works perfect.
    i also use maghetto´s truck shop v8.1
    but front grill isn´t colorable

  3. I use Truck Shop v6, but I’m almost sure it’s also possible in v8.1! You have to go to the shop and buy a Fullpaint Cabin and a painted chassis 🙂

    1. ok…thank you

  4. doesn´t work for me.
    and…sorry a lil mistake…
    i mean the front bar.
    for me the front bars allways in chrom

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