Too Much Traffic Mod Improved

Too Much Traffic Mod Improved

This mod is my old one but there isn’t as much traffic as last time i have halved the cars from 100000 to 50000 and trucks from 50000 to 5000
so it is easier to get around so enjoy this awesome mod.
Tested on 1.16.x, 1.17.x, 1.18.x

Author: Keyring52

DOWNLOAD 235 B [Mediafire]

4 Responses to Too Much Traffic Mod Improved

  1. Keyring52 says:

    This download is instant even for dial-up, fibroptic, broadband and DSL it isn’t even 1kb not even 1/4 of a kb just put the compressed file (.zip) into mods and activate in-game and your traffic will be increased you can
    re-upload but credited by me aswell

  2. I3arbiQ says:

    Please add version for Scandinavia DLC and maybe for ProMods-Map too!

    • Walter Plinge says:

      It should work with these, just add loads of zzzzzz so it goes at the bottom of your mods list.

    • Keyring52 says:

      Sorry for the very late reply XD but this mod is no longer supported to ets2 anymore they have changed how traffic works sadly.

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