Torsen Market Trailer

Torsen-Market-Trailer-1 Torsen-Market-Trailer-2

Torsen Market Trailer with animation
Tested versions: 1.10.1,,, 1.11

Author: Apo0404 (Abdullah)


9 thoughts on “Torsen Market Trailer

  1. Another typical turkish mod.
    Don’t get me wrong, but I’ve never seen a good one.

    Just look how many materials and textures this thing is missing.

    Do you guys really enjoy it yourself?
    Why can’t you do it the proper way?…

    1. Haha xD

    2. True. Looks like he just left it totaly unfinshed…

  2. Original author – DONOVAN

  3. Standalone??

  4. It is past time to create a mod without looking game.log.txt. And must only publish it when zeroing the warnings and errors ON REAL TESTS.

    documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\game.log.txt

  5. Faelandaea

    ~sigh~ How did that get uploaded with no textures? Well, she looks promising, so as with every other mod out there it is up to me to download and fix it with my own texture art. Good thing I love to skin trailers.

    I still do not know why people say “with animation” when there are no animations on ETS2 trailers. This isn’t Farm Simulator LOL.

    1. Faelandaea

      Just unpacked it. It’s not really “missing” textures as much as the uploader decided that his art would be just painting everything solid white. Fortunately the UV maps are there – just not painted at all LOL.

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