Tower V8 Slots & Exhaust

tower-v8-slots-exhaust-2 tower-v8-slots-exhaust-1

Equipment tower V8 paint_chrome with slots and or exhaust for scania r/s and t RJL 2.0.

Need: Scania RS and T 2.0 from RJL
Scania addon 2.01 from Zeeuwse Trucker
Powerkasi light and accessory 1.2

grtz ZT

Authors: zeeuwse_trucker / RJL / LonglinerV8


3 thoughts on “Tower V8 Slots & Exhaust

  1. biggy smalley

    Have all required addons yet no lights on tower. Get exhaust pipes with smoke just no lights for slots. When I click slot nothing in list.

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      you need powerkasie 1.2 lightpack

  2. Как сделать дым из труб?

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