Toyota Corolla 2020 (1.36)

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Works on 1.36
All dealers
Caravan trailer
Cabin DLC

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28 thoughts on “Toyota Corolla 2020 (1.36)

  1. Please do the Hymer BKlasse motorhome. or another camper on fiat ducato. please

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.36…

  3. ETS 2 Gamer

    1.35 pleeeeease???
    I can’t play

  4. Egeayapın abi lütfen artık ya egeaaaaaa

  5. super

  6. please upgrade interior texture

  7. Still using Turkish licence plates, please remove!

    1. Issues with car:
      – Rear right indicators/blinkers and brake flare not positioned correctly
      – Interior texture (ceiling) can be improved
      – Obviously licence plate

  8. Abdul Rehman

    please add toyota land cruiser for version 1.31 and onward

  9. Abdul Rehman

    please add toyota land cruiser for version 1.35 or 1.31 and onward

  10. May+you+please+do+Bmw+3series+2019

  11. Orhan Başaran

    HD 720p60 Turkish Language Review video

  12. for crying out loud please remove the turkish license plates!

    artık Türk araç plakası yok, lütfen!

  13. I want to custom plate of this car, but it has locked… please unlock

  14. Yesser Gharbi

    i need the password for the RAR file please

  15. it’s a good car,but the brakes are too weak

  16. ETS2 Gamer

    please make it compatible for 1.35

  17. ETS2 Gamer

    please make it compatible for 1.35 pleaseeeeeeeee i want to play

  18. ETS2 Gamer

    i want it for 1.35. whyyyyy 1.36 doesn’t work

  19. video HD

  20. Make it for 1.35 please

  21. I want it soooo much

  22. I think you should make for 1.35 seriously

  23. Create it compatible with 1.35 noow please

  24. Make 1.37 please

    Please update for 1.37
    Is the Best mod 2020

  25. it crash the game when you remove it :/

  26. Zaffir Ahmed

    PLEASE PLEASE…..Update this mod to Version 1.37..PLEASE!

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