Toyota Corolla V1R10 (1.35)

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Fix crash on 1.35

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2 thoughts on “Toyota Corolla V1R10 (1.35)

  1. Hi I discovered that this has no wipers it would be appreciated to add wipers it’s hard to see when heavy rains drop luckily I managed to avoid accidents XD

  2. alparingit

    hey+excuse+me+can+you+just+test+it+just+in+one+dealer+not+all+dealers+cause+it+is+freaking+######+or+try+some+making+own+dealer+I+have+to+admit+it+im+very+little+bad+cause+you’ve+been+taking+all+dealerships+that+I+can’t+even+activate+both+of+them+so+sorry+if+or+if+the+current+mod+holder+just+say+to+him+make+an+own+modded+dealership+or+me and some little advice I’m good at these always as I said make your own dealership just find where in youtube like nissan truck choose the first one 1.35 and see if that is the thing

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