Toyota Hiace H200 Update 1.40 to 1.44x

Toyota Hiace H200 car mod.
3 type chassis.
Ambulance body.
Supported version :- 1.40 to 1.44.
Dealer :- Mercedes-Benz.

Koutsu seibishi,Hm.Faysal.


4 thoughts on “Toyota Hiace H200 Update 1.40 to 1.44x

  1. dears
    please can make left hand

  2. not working on 1.44

  3. Thanks, it’s working on ets 1.45 version however wipes are not working. Can you also make the 3rd mirror in the front be optional?

  4. hello. I played this mod.
    1.4.5 still works, but not all sounds. No engine, horn, window or interior sounds
    Wipers don’t work either. Fix these and you have a perfect car mod. nice to meet you.

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