Toyota Hilux 2016 v 2.0

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Toyota Hilux 2016
Works in version 1.30x test in other versions

-Mod comes with several accessory options
-You can buy at any game dealer
-Accompany within the mod the template for editing skin

Converted to ETS2 by the ETSX group By Frank Brasil

scs, FrankBrasil


16 Responses to Toyota Hilux 2016 v 2.0

  1. Mattez says:

    Seriously you have recorded a 4 min video showing how you change paints without even showing the engine sound?

  2. UHHH says:

    Bad Mod , not download!

    Its a Ford Ranger normaly .. the Engines have Truck sound

    • ChristianO5 says:

      whats the problem?
      1. It is a toyota hilux, look on the grill,it isnt a ford ranger
      2.If u have a problem with the engine sound, record/ download one from a Hilux and replace the original sound files with it…

  3. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  4. Kei says:

    FrankBrasil, can you produce the Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty 2018!!!!

  5. Mod Man says:

    “UHHH” How about instead of you complaining and throwing negative feedback at those who share their work for others to enjoy,
    Put up or Shut up, lets see your modding skills ?
    Oh that’s right you CAN’T MOD

  6. Severino Souza says:

    Tem bung no retrovisor e o limpador fica pelo lado de dentro, conserte na próxima atualização, que o mods fica show.

  7. ChristianO5 says:

    Pls change Engine sound to a more realistic one and make the turn indicators blink more frequently

  8. pramodh braj says:


  9. Jmarcusdas says:

    No engine sound

  10. Jmarcusdas says:

    No engine sound all i hear is silence when i start the car

  11. adsa says:

    what is consesionario for schop

  12. julian says:


  13. walter caballero says:

    help. I have installed the modification and load the profile and the game correctly. I can customize the configuration of the truck but I can’t buy it because it does not appear in any game dealer

  14. manuel says:

    me gusta el juego

  15. Daniel lara says:

    hola a todos soy nuevo en esto queria preguntar quien me puede decir como descargar la camioneta hilux es que soy nuevo en esta pajina y bueno

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