Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2024

this a new model 2024
i converted from game GTA V
HQ model
the wheels original
a new sound engine

Top speed 240KH

enjoy guys……



49 thoughts on “Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2024

  1. задумка неплохая,но его делать и делать ещё.Сырой мод.Двигатель не слышно,что он работает.Дворники и стёкла снаружи не работают,и колёса с одной стороны выперают,а с другой наооборот утопленны.Лучше бы прадика предыдущего сделал.На дворе 2023,а машина 2024 из будущего.не айс совсем.

    1. Please bro do the Land Cruiser Prado 2014 or 2018 are a lot of mods of this car in gta it would be aweasome (sorry for my English)

  2. Jalapeño boy

    Dacia Sandero Stepway 2021 plsss

    1. yahiaabid

      i told you i created this car just i will update

    2. Equality for all car manufacturers

      yeah back off Onur… i mean Jalapeno boy, wow pushy much, all you do is want want want, ###### Gen z backwash

      1. Jalapeño boy


        1. Equality for all car manufacturers

          lol is that your comeback

  3. opel corsa 2017 please

  4. صعبه لما تتجه يمين او يسار لما يكون الجو مطر و ذا اسوء شي و الصوت تبع المحرك مره ازعاج و مو كويس لو تحط واحد تبع لاند كروزر او مود كامري الهنا يكون احلى بكثير اتمنى ما تسحب السيارة مره كويسه و حلو شكلها سويته ف كمل عملك كويس للاخر دام سويت شئ رائع زي كذا

    1. معظم العربيات بتبقي صعبة في المطر

      1. Equality for all car manufacturers

        wow connor, you must be a scientist or something, because that answer is absolutely mind blowing

        1. عايز ايه يبن القحبة

          1. Equality for all car manufacturers


    2. yahiaabid

      السيارات في المطر خاصة في الاصدار الاخير من اللعبة صعب وهذا يعتمد على التغير في الفيزياء

      1. Yahia please make nissan patrol or a lexus ls430 from your gta mod PLEASEEE I BEGGGG

    3. Mihran Ali

      try making the suspension stiffness to zero it handles well in dirt and offroading

  5. opel vectra a or b pls

  6. please peugeot rifter 2021 or caddy 2023

    1. yahiaabid

      no peugeot

      1. Hakan boybeyi

        ücretli mod yapar msın?

    2. Equality for all car manufacturers

      the rifter grifter days are over, only Nazis like Onur ask for that

  7. please caprice 2010 car

  8. opel astra g please

  9. Pls Opel Vectra B or Astra L!!!

    1. yahiaabid

      i don’t have any car opel

  10. на улице 2023 год,а он машину залил 2014 года)смешно.Да и ещё и не доработанный мод

  11. Renault 19 Europa modunu yapabilir misiniz? Lütfen. Çok büyük Renault 19 Europa hayranıyım. Lütfen uygun hazırlayacak biri yok mu?

    1. yahiaabid

      no this Renault bro it old

  12. passarosnobanheiro

    Make a Corolla Cross or a Jeep Compass

    1. yahiaabid

      i don’t this car

  13. yahiaabid

    the next car it Range Rover Sport 2012

    1. I’m happy to finally get a range rover sport you’re doing a great job bro but this Toyota land cruiser Prado crashes my PC, pls fix and update it bro

      1. yahiaabid

        it work bro i test it good

      2. Equality for all car manufacturers

        just like the S H I T job on that saab, only took 8 months or something close to that, mediocre effort not worthy such praise

        1. yahiaabid

          hhhhhh saab take 8 houre to finished

          1. Equality for all car manufacturers

            8 hour rush job for someone who was asking for like forever, you still take no care in your mods, just pump them out without a care in the world

          2. Equality for all car manufacturers

            that person was asking for months, and like all your mods you threw a T U R D at them

  14. Nice Mod can you make a M5 CS 2021 or a Mercedes S63 Amg

  15. Mon frère Yahya, s’il te plaît, fais-nous du Kia Sorento

  16. bunu geliştirin abi çok iyi mod

  17. lexus lx570 pls

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      Yes lexus lx570 and lx600 toyota land cruiser LC200 and LC300 next gta V car mod to ets2

  18. Very cool 3D model, the engine sound is too loud. The Prado has a small engine, very quiet, you can hear it only when it is under load, the default sound of a diesel Skoda Superb will do

    1. Good, believable sound from Toyota Fortuner (by Nimit)

  19. pls create a MOD for land rover defender..Would seem good in this game

  20. You are doing a good job. Please do for me Lexus LX600

  21. Muhammad Umais

    Bhai ap ya ya mod bano
    Prado 2020
    Prado 2014
    Hilux 2022

  22. Pajero sport HPE-s por favor traga esse carro,e o meu preferido

  23. Hi! The km counter is not working 🙁

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