Tractor and Trailer with Sounds


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This mod add tractor with up to 3 trailers in traffic.
Now we have tractor with one trailer only.
Tractor can appear on local roads only.
Tractor have own sound, Increased tractor speed up to 40 km/h

Piva, AlexeyP

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5 thoughts on “Tractor and Trailer with Sounds

  1. kazan1234

    I must dlc viva la france?

    1. Yes. DLC France is needed.

      1. You can register it on all roads and on the motorway too ?

  2. doexpectnothing

    This mod is amazing! I love the moments you have to hit the brakes and hope for a chance to overtake.
    They’re also magical when they do drive to the highway.
    Look here:
    I know that’s not your fault. 🙂

  3. Why DLC Viva la France is needed to use this mod?

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