Tractor with Trailers in Traffic v 3.1


Mod updated. Version 3.1
Added trailers with hay bales.
Fixed smoke length and somke model now separate.
Fixed SCS alone tractor lod model (removed 😆 )

Replaced tractor with new model with beacon lights and tube smoke.
Added new trailers – log trailer and empty log trailer.
Reduced spawn ratio to 0.1
Tractor speed limits 40 km/h
Old trailers use also.

Thanks very much to Todor Alin for tractor and log trailer models.
I thank him for his patience with my requirements by model.
Thanks to AlexeyP for rework default trailer for this mod.

Previous version

piva, Todor Alin, AlexeyP, SCS

DOWNLOAD 33 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 33 MB [Uploadfiles]

8 thoughts on “Tractor with Trailers in Traffic v 3.1

  1. Crash+twice!

    1. DLC France required

  2. Мод не работает! Трактора в трафике не появляются.
    Maud does not work! Tractors in traffic does not appear.

    1. local road on;y

  3. Форс Мажор

    Испортили вообще обычный трактор с 1- ой телегой , сделали из него какой-то товарный поезд . Был изначально нормальный трактор , верните назад его . А так какое-то *_овно , чё за кайф видеть такие шаланды , где тягач – ” трактор ” . Смех и только над таким воображением . Бред .

  4. lordmodets2

    A suggestion, since you have made several updates, why not put it in steam?

    1. because no money on steam…

      1. First of all, thanks for your mods. I’m using your ATS version and it’s excellent (will be better with the reduced spawn rate).

        Second, donations in Steam are voluntary. You will not know if you don’t try 🙂

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