Tractor with Trailers in Traffic

tractor-with-trailers-2 tractor-with-trailers-1

This mod add tractor with up to 3 trailers in traffic.
Now we have tractor with one trailer only.
Tractor can appear on local roads only.

Thanks to AlexeyP for rework tractor trailer model for this mod.

Piva, AlexeyP

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22 thoughts on “Tractor with Trailers in Traffic

  1. spartacus33

    Thanks to author(s)… a good idea on the little road in traffic !

  2. Sorry, it’s not work for me. Game crash at the start.
    I very liked the old version.

    1. for 1.26 version only

  3. I have 1.26.

    1. I don’t know, for me all work good,

      1. Drive Safely

        There might be a dependency on DLC France?

        1. Thx, if the France DLC causing the problem, I will solve today. I just wait for Postman. 🙂

          1. Yes. DLC France required. 😀 I forgot

  4. José Lauro

    What is the maximum speed of this tractor? He in the previous version, walked at 40 km / h, was very cool, caused huge queues on the roads with dual lanes

    1. No previous version. It tractor from 1.26 with new connection technology. Max speed 30 kmh.

      1. Piva this is the previous version they talking about:

  5. muerteh650

    Hi piva,will you release a new version of these mod in version 1.26?

    1. I use last on 1.26 + DLC France

  6. Working good so far. 1.26 + all DLCs. Thanks for this hold up 😉

  7. filip peic

    Does it work on 1.25 version?

    1. No. 1.26 + DLC France required.

  8. does thier trailers have two different pivot or it only consider one trailer at all thx for the information

    1. piva please reply that

  9. lordmodets2

    Google Translate:
    Good idea, but the ideal would be if he only appeared on the back roads, i do not know if this is possible ?

    original Portugues (Brasil):
    boa idéia, mas o ideal seria se ele aparecesse só nas estradas vicinais, não sei se isso é possível ?

    1. available road type is “road.local”, so if map makers set this type of road to city street, I have nothing to do with 😀

  10. Looks like, it works. Btw no crash. Thank you mister! 🙂

  11. spartacus33

    All is ok for me…work perfect on 1.26 + 3 dlc !!!

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