Tractors in traffic 1.0 *1.31*

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Work for *1.31.X* This mod is add tractors and more agricultural vehicles on the traffic in whole europe !
Work on any Map

Todor Alin


9 thoughts on “Tractors in traffic 1.0 *1.31*

  1. Thanks!
    Is it compatible with all Jazzycat vehicle mods?

    1. Yes, it´s compatible with jazzycat Packs. 🙂

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. What to do with this ´overrides.alin´ file ? I’m probably the only one not understandig one *** why this file is included.

    1. jeffjam94

      i don’t know what to do with it either

  4. Great job! Thanks!
    This “sii” file just deletes it.

  5. this is not the real Todor Alin, the real Alin can be only found on scs forum under this link
    there you can learn what overrides file does, don’t listen to the smart advice above 😀

  6. The Powerenjes

    Thanks great..
    I try this mod work with any map and any traffic in ets2 1.31

  7. NathanLubiiiKoty

    Woring now?

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