Traffic Density and Speed Limits v 2.0 for 1.25


New version of traffic mod.
More faster traffic vehicles, less accidents, more safty, a bit faster on crossroads

If you have your own game_data.sii file just add line

truck_speed_limit: 120.0 // from ATS

Less accidents, more safty, a bit faster on crossroads, smooth overtaking.

/def/county folder
set speedlimits for local road to to 80 kmph, motorway up to 90 kmph for all countries, except UK
removed max_speed from files, so traffic have more speed.
In that case you can see on some roads truck speedlimit 110 kmph, that new SCS features ?

increased truck speed up to 110 kmph

Here set amount of vehicles by type on road.

Here set traffic density by type of roads

Decrease density in cities

/def/world/load_look*.sii files
Overtaking allowed on double lines on local roads

Author: Piva

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7 thoughts on “Traffic Density and Speed Limits v 2.0 for 1.25

  1. Good work always

  2. where find game_data.sii?

  3. /def/game_data.sii

  4. Спасибо!

  5. G.F.Later

    – With this mod active no buses in traffic.

  6. no tengo este archivo def/game_data.sii y este mod desactiva los mod de los colectivos no aparece ni uno hay que corregir este mod urgente gracias…

  7. i had to disable this mod, because in the uk i kept finding cars stopped facing me on the wrong side of the road, which i had no choice but to crash into and incur damage. i presume they are trying to overtake and stop when they see me coming towards them.

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