Traffic Density for 1.24 (open beta)


This is update for my previous traffic density mod for 1.22
The same parameters, but updated for 1.24 requrements

Author: Piva

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8 Responses to Traffic Density for 1.24 (open beta)

  1. cricri73 says:


    Speed limits are too unrealistic, such as France, for trucks in the city is 50 km / h and on highways 90 km / h on national and departmental and 80 km / h.

    Otherwise not bad.

    • piva says:

      If you wnat restore default truck speedlimits, just remove def/country folder from mod.

  2. анд says:

    Добрый день!Поставил-у меня вообще трафика не стало(((Пустые дороги

  3. RoliHUN says:

    Nice mod ! Can u upload this mod on steam workshop ?

  4. Wlado says:

    Hello, What spped have trucks on highways in your mod? Thank for answer.

  5. анд says:

    ” Пива”,благодарю за ответ!!Давно хочу сказать Вам что Ваши моды самые качественные (во всех отношениях,сравнениях).Мое уважение Вам.

  6. Theosz says:

    THX Piva

    If the modder add “…for v1.23”, “…for v1.24” it is easier to find at this host

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