Traffic Density for 1.24 (open beta)


This is update for my previous traffic density mod for 1.22
The same parameters, but updated for 1.24 requrements

Author: Piva

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8 thoughts on “Traffic Density for 1.24 (open beta)

  1. Hello,

    Speed limits are too unrealistic, such as France, for trucks in the city is 50 km / h and on highways 90 km / h on national and departmental and 80 km / h.

    Otherwise not bad.

    1. If you wnat restore default truck speedlimits, just remove def/country folder from mod.

  2. Добрый день!Поставил-у меня вообще трафика не стало(((Пустые дороги

    1. только на 1.24 бета

  3. Nice mod ! Can u upload this mod on steam workshop ?

  4. Hello, What spped have trucks on highways in your mod? Thank for answer.

  5. ” Пива”,благодарю за ответ!!Давно хочу сказать Вам что Ваши моды самые качественные (во всех отношениях,сравнениях).Мое уважение Вам.

  6. THX Piva

    If the modder add “…for v1.23”, “…for v1.24” it is easier to find at this host

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