Traffic Density mod for 1.20

Traffic-Density-1 Traffic-Density-2 Traffic-Density-3

Increased traffic on the motorway
Moderate traffic on local roads
Not so great in the city.

More traffic at day and less at night

Work with all map
Work with JazzyCat trailers, tucks and buses

Special thanks to Shadders62, wegger, Theosz for help and support

1.20 ONLY

Author: piva


37 Responses to Traffic Density mod for 1.20

  1. YeahRaf says:

    what about the overtake mod? Is it still compatible with 1.20?

  2. maddison says:

    Thanks piva. Will test it 🙂

  3. wegger says:

    Чрезвычайно спасибо piva!

  4. Shadders62 says:

    Thanks, working well on MHA map, will try on others

  5. Timoha says:

    Спасибо за мод! Будем посмотреть что там за пробки теперь 🙂

    • piva says:

      Тут как раз сделано так , чтобы пробок не было. Трафик был, а пробок нет 🙂

      • Timoha says:

        Отлично! Как раз этот косячёк с ’недвижухой’ и мозолил глаз. Ну теперь то покатаемся! 🙂

  6. wegger says:

    I tested, and not much traffic (cars and trucks). You can increase the cars and trucks ? 90% trucks day and 60% night ? For the cars 95% day and 50% night ?

    • wegger says:

      And I tested with RUSMAP.

      • piva says:

        You can change amount of cars and balance it in mod in file
        But you can’t change balance between cars and trucks due day now.
        May be sometime SCS make this.

        • wegger says:

          What are the values that I need to change ?

          – spawn_max_count:
          – traffic.vehicle_type.bus

          – spawn_max_count


          – spawn_max_count:

          – traffic.vehicle_type.truck

          What needs to change to increase the traffic of cars and trucks?

          Help me

          • piva says:

            spawn_ratio: – it is balance between vehicles
            spawn_max_count – it amount of vehicles

        • Gary says:

          Hi Piva – How do I find that “def\vehicle\traffic_vehicle_type.sii”? Downloaded the file but I found no difference!

  7. wegger says:

    What number ?

    spawn_ratio: 50 ?
    spawn_max_count: 2000 ?

    I don’t know

    • piva says:

      cars 0.6
      trucks 0.35
      buses 0.05

      it means that 60% cars, 35% trucks and 5% buses, but game, sometimes spawn traffic at its discretion, but then I am powerless

      spawn_max_count: 2000 if you compuer will work with this cars amount
      Test it for youself

  8. seb99 says:

    but for trailers????

  9. gaz101 says:

    when i use this. in the city and motorway cars block each other from moving

  10. seb99 says:


  11. seb99 says:


  12. seb99 says:

    and also spawn_trailer_count[0]

  13. seb99 says:

    thx man for the information continue with ur great mods 🙂

  14. Nuclairs says:

    Excellent mod, Piva! Superb traffic, even though they are not a friendly bunch 😛

    Just one problem I have: There is no speed limits anywhere on the roads unless indicated by a sign, which makes all AI cars go as fast as they can. Is it included on purpose?

    • piva says:

      Yes. If you wan’t it delete folder “country” from mod

  15. Theosz says:

    despite new release today – 1.30. I would like to report a issue always occurs/happen close Flexistone.

    cars hit


  16. jon says:

    i have this mod installed and running and not noticing any difference

  17. wujekkk says:

    Not working on 1.20 !!! In the night 0 AI carss. Previous version of your mod were better…

  18. ahav says:

    привет, пива! оч нравятся твои моды, класс!
    после этого в трафике пропали габариты днем. приоритеты менял, безрезультатно. есть варианты? спасибо.

  19. Bob says:

    Does it work for 1.24?

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