Traffic density mod for Promods and other Map

Traffic density

Traffic density mod for Default map, ProMODs. MHAPro and Polland Rebuilding.
On other maps not tested

ETS2 1.19

Author: piva


28 Responses to Traffic density mod for Promods and other Map

  1. Andrew Reader says:

    Link not responding

    • piva says:

      Over 300 downloads

      • zoso says:

        ciao Piva, I wanted to ask to have more truck traffic (with more frequency on all roads) what information can I change?
        thank you
        ciao ciao

        • piva says:

          On some reason I can’t increase traffic on ALL the road of ProMODs map. I don’t know whe now. But I found it. Thanks.

          • zoso says:

            I forgot I only use map SCS
            no promods.
            you can increase the frequency for traffic map SCS ???
            thank you
            ottima mod Piva

          • piva says:

            You can increase traffic himself if you know how. This mod have only two small text file

  2. Maks-80 says:

    А в чем отличие этого мода от прошлых ваших модов на трафик?

    • piva says:

      В том что прошлый на ProMODs не работал, причины не знаю но пришлось менять коэффициенты

  3. wegger says:

    What is changing in this mod ?

  4. Pierre says:

    What a pleasure !
    Thank you a lot for this wonderful mod that I was waiting for so long time !!

    Works perfectly on Hungary Map v 0.9.26 with Jazzycats mods

  5. JESAN says:

    Thanks a mega-lot Piva
    That’s what I call a traffic mod !
    For the pb with some of Promods road maybe you can ask them on their forum ? I noticed a few no traffic road nodes in the rebuilt parts of North Germany

    • piva says:

      SOme road may not contain traffic if modders make this on mod. I not found this place yet

  6. Thalken says:

    Hi Piva, long time not see you from when you guide to me use your Flare mod ^^ how are you??? You was change to create mod for AI???

    • piva says:

      No I not changed mod for AI. You may change it if you want.

  7. maverick says:

    this mod increase just the density of the traffic or also speed like your previous mod?

  8. JPM TRANSPORT says:

    Anyone know if this mod works with Hungary Map? Thanks!

  9. ceex says:

    License plates are missing on 20% of ai traffic. But thanks for the mod!

  10. Si says:

    Love this mod. However, i no longer see Jazzycat’s AI truckmod (the normal one, not the painted truck mod – that works fine). Any ideas how to solve that? 🙂

  11. GG says:

    Hi piva how to change ai lane change time and distance in Notepad
    Every time i change this the mod isnt working

  12. wegger says:


    Your mod -Traffic_Mod
    – Trucks_SpeedLimit

    Update for 1.20.x


    traffic decreased.

  13. That Red Truck says:

    Piva is this working on the new ETS2 patch and the new promods?

    Thanks if you will answer
    -That Red Truck

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