Traffic Density Mod


Ou wish to be part of a caravan of trucks on the highway, but there’s only two of them and too many cars?
You’re having framerate issues and like to reduce your traffic without giving up Those fancy traffic packs you installed?
You just wanna have crowded streets at rush hour? Then this one is for you: Either pick one of the preset mods, or let me show you in detail, how you tailor your traffic as you see fit in notime, using this mod. Make sure you read the readme about how to use this! For risks and side effects read the package insert and consult your doctor or pharmacist!



12 thoughts on “Traffic Density Mod

  1. EJTruckingINC

    video please

  2. Aleksi Salonen

    when say framerate issues i was like oh, yes

  3. ive never commented before but this mod deserves it!!! i have been using other traffic density mods with jazzycat packs and my framerates would drop! but with this mod i get better FPS than standard traffic! Great mod

    1. also thats using 100×100

  4. Thanks dude:) Really good mod! I wanted already long time ago little reduce AI.Not bcause framerate but i just dont like intensive traffic.Now this great opportunity! Hope it work upgoming game versions too:)

  5. Nice Mod, a traffic mod that actually works, no fps drop in cities anymore.

  6. Nice !!! A very usefull mod. Great job m8. Tnks.

  7. Great mod. Fantastic FPS in cities, nicely modable, but….
    crashes the game when entering antwerpen.

    1. Johannes “The Rhythmosaur” König

      That’s interesting. If that is related to my mod, then only indirectely, due to OOM. Could you give me any details (gamelog, map TSM?, what setting used)?

      Cheers, Rhyth

  8. Johannes The Rhythmosaur König

    Remark for Goba’s Trucker’s Map:

    R43 has an own traffic file such as the one in my mod. To make the mod work, you need to add so many leading Z’s to the name as are needed to get the mod BELOW Goba’s Map in the mod list.

    The default setting seems to be 50×4, so if you want more traffic, and 100×50 is too much for your system, I’d encourage you to adapt the mod as described in the Readme.pdf to values between 50 and 100.

    The Rhythmosaur

  9. First impressions:

    In spanish.
    Without “Density Traffic Mod” to reduce/avoid traffic jam. I recommend it.

    1. sorry. that video is not for this place… it`s for Hungary map.
      I don’t know how to remove that commentary. XD

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