Traffic Density & Speed Limits for 1.22


Traffic density mod updated for 1.21
No changes made in game, but some parameters changed
Vehicle count – 2000
Cars – 400
Trucks – 20
Buses – 4

Traffic balance ~70% cars, ~30% trucks and 2% buses
Cause “B” before “C” – games generate buses more often
Added new rule for motorway to increase traffic density
Less traffic for village area
Not great for cities.

Amount of vehicles in traffic depends of your computer power
If you have low end computer, you can not see the difference.

I made some test, same computer, same place, same time.
If I set 100% scale – I see one traffic density, if set 400% – density down

Package contain two mods
TrafficDensity_1_30 – have only density and speedlimits no other traffic parameters changed
TrafficDensity_1_30_HARSH – also have reduced safe and patience as well as overtake for AI

Compatible with promods, mha, tsm, poland rebuilding etc.

Version 1.21 and 1.22

Author: piva


3 thoughts on “Traffic Density & Speed Limits for 1.22

  1. That’s republish my mod for 1.21, by someone else.

  2. Nuttywolf

    So v1.4 is the most new one of your mod and not this republished one that someone else posted ?

  3. works great, thanks!

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