Traffic Density v 1.0

Traffic Density (2) Traffic Density (1)

I have created a simple traffic data mod for, This mod increases the standard traffic density in the game, I have tried to make the traffic amounts similar through out the 24 hour / day period.
This mod needs to be High priority in the new mod manager so it supercedes and previious traffic data settings.

Author: Fliptop72


9 Responses to Traffic Density v 1.0

  1. G.Flater says:

    – you are not alone in the dark.
    top mod.

  2. wegger says:

    Add agressive AI please

  3. maddison says:

    Best Mod for traffic in 1.19 so far IMHO.

  4. maka says:

    Es ist keine Simple Mod, es ist zur Zeit DIE beste Traffic Mod.
    Gute Arbeit Fliptop72.

    There is no simple mod, but it is currently THE best Traffic Mod.
    Good work Fliptop72.

  5. arief says:

    thks … work fine đŸ™‚ ,

  6. lhgtony says:

    I’m just seeking for a mod of these kind these days, thanks a lot!

  7. fredy says:

    Excelent, traffic day & nigth is perfect. Congratulations I recomend this mod. THANKS

  8. chris says:

    im not really a modder, but this little mod is very good, make you wait at roundabouts, and think more what the ai is going to do, what the vanilla game should of been

  9. JPM TRANSPORT says:

    Does this mod work with Hungary Map? Thanks!

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