Traffic Jam v3.2


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Changelog v3.2
* Fix Stop Cars
* Fix Cars Stop Toll Station
* No many Crash with AI Cars
* more distance to front AI Car/Truck
* Now Traffic Jam on both Side
– Beta Version !!!!!
– I test only on v1.22 ! (Error on older version can happen)
– FPS inGame on my PC 30 – 40 FPS !
– Not recommended for slow Computers, but you can test !
– In the city of less traffic, such as on the Freeway
– Manifest.sii File included
– Test on ReisProject MAP v1.5 !
This is a beta version. I continue to work on the mod he will be even better. Error can be commented in youtube Video or here. Can change it then. Thank you for your Support.
Have Fun, Greetz Mr.GermanTruck

SCS, Mr.GermanTruck


13 thoughts on “Traffic Jam v3.2

  1. traffic_city.sii was included in the ciy defs before 1.15.
    now theese params doesn’t work. you can jus remove it.

    max_truck_count: 1130
    spawn_probability_truck: 1110.1120
    spawn_probability_trailer: 1110.915
    spawn_density_base: 11111.10
    – is a-long-ago obsolete trash too… )))

    ai_sfety_modifier must be in [-1; 1] interval.

    all other vlues…. are generated by randomizer& lol ))))

  2. …errors already reported on previous version…

    please, keep game.log.txt cleaned to make sure that is really pure version to v1.22.

    some new parameter of v1.22 is not used?

  3. it is compatible with promods???

  4. How you have the Truck??

  5. Elitesquad Modz

    Nice work Mr. German Truck 🙂

  6. New Download Link

      1. une mise a jours vers 1.24 est disponible ??

  7. Michael_ETS2zocker

    Mr.German Truck ich habe in diesen ordner wenn ich ihn gedownloadet habe nur SII-Dateien

  8. Broken link.

  9. niknor2017

    Один из понравившихся мне модов! Спасибо Вам! Очень жаль что Этот мод НЕ РАБОТАЕТ НА ВСЕХ КАРТАХ И НЕСОВМЕСТИМ С Паками траффика от Jazzycat!

  10. file not found please reup load <3

  11. sa ma pis pe astea al vostre ca nimik cu merge ma pis pe voie si pe rasa vostra

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