Traffic Mod


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Respect my work!!
Not to reupload!!

What’s new in this version??:
-really working’
-Deleted bugs;
-Deleted crash

misiek108 (Bartorex167)


5 thoughts on “Traffic Mod

  1. Not intending to offend you, but your description is quite useless.

    1. Agreed, please describe what the mod actually does or changes. Just saying that it “really works” doesn’t mean much.

  2. The files in the archive exactly the same!))

  3. FatLizard

    @all users

    I was expecting for comments like these … nevermind this “modder” misiek108 (Bartorex167) … late but I realized he’s only an i***t sharing nothing… only a waste of time.

    Just a curiosity … Misiek is the name ? 10 your years age and 8 your IQ ? … or viceversa ? 🙂 😀

  4. All people do not download this file.

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