Traffic Mod v 5.1.0 [05.02.2016] by D.B Creation Dev Team

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– Make sure that you have downloaded our mod from our website or our Steam Guide Page please.
– With the download of the mod on our website, you will support us to work on new features and fixes.
– Official Homepage :
– If you want Updates or Bug Reports please visit our Steam Page :

1. Traffic Intensity three (low, medium, high).
2. Map Mods “DEF” Files
3. Traffic Essential
4. Traffic Behavior
5. Xenon Lights ( if needed )
6. Map Mods (Promods Contents or TSM Content)
7. Other Mod’s

!! If you want the normal Traffic Intensity, just choose the Behavior and the essential Mod.
!! If you select the High Intensity Mod, make sure that you do have a good PC with good CPU core speed.

[*** Changelist: ***]
– Now three types of traffic
– A lot of new flares in the road fences and road signs
– Fixed ProMods 2.00 Bug
– Fixed AI dangerous overtaking
– Fixed AI Vehicle Gears Warning
– Fixed Map Zoom Bug on the Map Overview (ProMods 2.00 & TSM Map 6.2)
– Fixed Low & High Beam Distance
– Fixed all Traffic Light Cycles
– Fixed Enconomy data
– Fixed Stoped Traffic
– Adding new Looks of Reefer Trailer (not only D.B Creation)
– Adding some new Signs with “Caution Flare”
– Compatible with Jazzycat AI Traffic Pack 3.4
– All other Versions of Jazzycat are now comaptible

[*** Credits: ***] SCS Software Satan19990 @ [* Beta Tester *] Nelson Burotto srotide Brett @ trailrunner4life [* Supporters *] DMCA Protection & Takedown Services 2000 – 2016 All Rights Reserved Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services Ltd. © | All Work by D.B Creation © are lincensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Uploading / or deploy these files on other websites or file hosters is an offense and offenders will be prosecuted by !! +——————————————————-+ +——————————————————-+ D.B Creation Level Design & Game Modding Steam Fangroup: Homepage: E-Mail-Support: [email protected] Copyright © 2002-2016 +——————————————————-+


39 thoughts on “Traffic Mod v 5.1.0 [05.02.2016] by D.B Creation Dev Team

  1. all ai trucks now dont have a trailer only tractor head ,,,,,can u fixed ……

    1. solved my problem by removing trailer pack by promods ,,,,,,,,,,,

      1. jumbo thats good any question just write or send me an e-mail to [email protected]

  2. Tuhkustuhke

    do you know how to make ai traffic overtake multiple vehicles at once or multiple vehicles overtaking one vehicle at same time in single lane road? basically that they act the same way there as in highway

    1. Tuhkustuhke will try in the next version, good idea thanks for your comments

  3. How I can remove the reflectors on the barriers? It looks realy ugly and unrealistic for me, if there isn’t an option to remove these I think i will look for another AI behaviour mod…

    1. Nelson Burotto

      sorry but you cant and you cant find a better ai traffic mod than mine realy sorry

  4. thx for sharing but because this mod is locked, I can’t merge the internal .sii values to my previous files… so I can’t use it.
    is it really necessary lock these files?

    are there really some special in economy_data, game_data, traffic_data that author created where can’t be read by gamers?

    1. Nelson Burotto

      sorry Theosz read the txt file please thanks

  5. Hi nice work, really enjoying this mod. Reflecting barriers look great and the traffic is fantastic.

  6. It crashes in Newcastle-upon-Tyne near highway

    Is my personal factor module?

    In addition to impeccable

    1. Nelson Burotto

      Chen the team are working in a fix i see if this problem is common

    2. I think I have the same crash. Mine happens after A696 before the petrol station. I’m using 5.0 version still. I’ve checked the game.log.txt and this came up:

      00:01:55.412 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/model/sign/traffic/uk_roadwork_temp.pmd’
      00:01:55.430 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/model/sign/traffic/uk_roadwork_temp.pmd’
      00:01:55.430 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/uk_roadwork_temp.pmd’, probably a missing look?
      00:01:55.430 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/uk_roadwork_temp.pmd’, probably a missing look?
      00:01:55.431 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/uk_roadwork_temp.pmd’, probably a missing look?

      1. Disabling Traffic Essentials solved the issue for me.

        1. Nelson Burotto

          Afiq but without essential is not the same i give the advise when the problem is solved thank for your patient

      2. Nelson Burotto

        Afiq we are working in a fix be patient please

  7. Nelson Burotto

    I have new videos in my Youtube channel if you like the mod take a look please and dont forget to download the mod and subscribe to my channel please.
    And you can Follow us on Steam and download the mod here (just prees the buttom follow me on Steam is good for our Team thanks)

  8. Crashes near Cambridge on M11..

    1. Nelson Burotto

      Gabitu we are working in a fix be patient please and thanks for use our mod.

  9. DaTrucker21

    Nice mod, but can you update it for both Side High Traffic Density 🙂 Thanks.

    1. DaTrucker what do you mean please explain more thanks.

  10. Crashed again near Newcastle. Waiting on the fix

    1. Gabitu i think the fix will be ready after the weekend there are a lot of files to work thanks for wait.

  11. Hey, nice work
    Could be possible to add that the other vehicles(cars) use the horn when they have to stop to avoid a crash?

    1. Nacho explain better what do you want and in the next version maybe will do it thanks

      1. hi burotto! thanks for your awesome work and also for replying me

        sorry for my awfull english, i was thinkig could be awesome to add this feature.

        somethimes in the game, while driving you do some reckless maneuvers, and the others ia traffic need to stop to avoid a crash with you, could be added ,in these moments( that at the same time they have to stop) they use the horn to warn you?

        i mean while i drive in real life if i have to stop becouse other car dont know how to drive properly i use the horn.

        thanks very much. i hope this time i explain myself properly, thanks in advance.

        1. Ok Nacho but this is a big chage in the files i dont now if our team can do what you want but we will try to do it in next version.
          Thanks for use our mod and happy driving.
          Nacho what is your native lenguage?

          1. oh sorry, i didnt know this. thanks anyways guys.
            Spanish here 😉

          2. Nacho dont worry Spanish here to asi que cuando quieras hacer alguna pregunta solo hazla en español y porfavor mandame a mi e-mail los cambios que deseas pero en español porfavor [email protected]

  12. kevin60927

    I used both dbcreation traffic v5.10 mod,and Piva weather v2.1 mod,dbcreation traffic mod looks realistic.I like it,and Piva weather have good weather mod,But I got crashed after loading games profiles.Will it conflict with Piva weather mod?Because I saw both two mods have flare document in scs files.Can you reply to me,Thank you.

    1. Kevin first thanks for use our mod and yes i think if both have flares changes there is a problem but i know now and i talk to the team for next version.

  13. Please this is for all users of our mod send me an e-mail to [email protected] whith the changes you want in the next version and the team try to do all the modifications.

    Nelson Burotto V.
    D.B. Creation Team worker.

    and thanks to all for your support and please follow us on steam in this link.(just press the button follow me on steam, Thanks)

  14. niknor2017

    Для Какой версии Этот мод?

    1. Version 1.22

  15. niknor2017


    1. tomorrow i will upload a new version 5.2 whith the fixes

  16. Still waiting for the fix..

    1. Gabitu the new mod 5.2 is ready and i uploaded tomorrow thanks for use our mod

  17. Hey I love this mode great work but there is a couple issues I noticed fairly wuick and I hope this can be adressed asap or I have to do with out it and I rather not this is a great mod.

    1st. AI seem adaptive if so make them not just make them follow the traffic rules.. why do I think they are adaptive.. well I wa in a hurry without a trailer and blew a hole through Amsterdam downg between 90-120 km h on 50 km h road. After that the AI totally was flipped they all became F1 drivers taking roundabout on two wheels almost flipping over doing at least around 100 km h through cities… Trucks with trailers passing me on highway when I am doing 145+ without trailer.. it all when to hell so to say.
    I uninstalled restarted and installed again and mod work as normal now if I don’t over do my driving thy to start driving like crazy at first this was hilarious but trying to play the game with traffic wishing pass you like aliens on speed is not fun anymore.
    Can you please take a look what this can be…

    All worked with all mods I have before no problem it started after I installed this mod and this is only I have that change any physic to anything in game all other mod I have is just couple extra trucks and company logos fix..

    2nd. After installing the mod I got some bird singing ### is that all about who can hear bird in a tree 100 meters away in a truck on a highway… sound like I am in a freaking zoo driving a cabriolet truck …. if this mod did anything to sounds… please refer it back to normal and focus only on the AI traffic and their behavior or if you now what part of it that did this I can uninstall that part until you fix it.

    I am using the hole package with swapping from normal to hard traffic and they are exactly in the order you specify..
    SO since bird singing in the truck was not a issue before this mod I assume it is it who caused it.. very confusing since there is no actual need for this mod to change any sounds… hmm..
    Oh well I could uninstall it and bird is gone yes.. installed=zoo.

    Hope you can figure out what is causing this or give me a hit on what to do about it for I really love this AI mod best I’ve seen 😀

    Yes I have as said gone through every possible alternative even started a new profile to check and every time this mod is installed I get all ambient background sound loud in the cabin when driving.. :/

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