Traffic Tractors v 1.0

Mod adds to the traffic of the tractor trailers
The sound of the engines
Speed: 80 km
Version of the game: 1.27-1.28.x
Added more trailers



8 thoughts on “Traffic Tractors v 1.0

  1. My mod found another owner 😀

  2. You forgot to add in credits Todor Alin and AlexeyP

  3. Calliandr

    В раздаче другой мод! перейдя по ссылке скачиваеться совершенно другой мод.

  4. 80 km for a tractor??? A tractor is not allowed to go 80 km/h that is way too fast and unrealistic.

  5. Tractor+with+many+trailers+back+80km/h+on+the+highway?+Nice+:(

  6. your link gives this mod NOT the one you’re advertising here

    Mammut_3axle_tuning_HEMPAM_GAMEMODS_IR.scs [16.1 MB] !!!!

    ### is this ??

  7. Brandon Taylor

    Erm, 80 km/h… don’t think so. Even the biggest 4wd tractors with 600-700 hp are limited to around 50 km/h for obvious reasons. Not to mention, they certainly aren’t going to be pulling triple log trailers with 60+ tons of logs at 80 km/h on the highway.

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