Traffic Truck Speed 2.0

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Traffic Truck Speed 2.0

This mod modifies the original speeds of trucks.

Below determined speeds:

. Average speed of min. 58km/h / max. 68km/h for BDF trucks;
. Average speed of min. 62km/h / max. 74km/h for DAF/IVECO/MAN/MB/RENAULT trucks;
. Average speed of min. 67km/h / max. 89km/h for SCANIA trucks;
. Average speed of min. 69km/h / max. 92km/h for VOLVO trucks;

*Some of the above limitations may range from minimum to maximum to ensure greater realism.


MOD Compatible with:
. original game trucks
. painted_truck_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.8 or higher
. painted_bdf_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.8 or higher
. truck_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v2.7 or higher

*Add this mod to the list BEFORE the JazzyCat mods
*The speed modifications are assigned only to the AI trucks (standalone) of the game.
Changes to this version (2.0):

. Changed the standard speeds;
. Fixed some bugs;
. Updated for new JazzyCat versions;

Tested in Version: 1.27.x

RMSTuts / jazzyCat


10 thoughts on “Traffic Truck Speed 2.0

  1. Tremonia1974

    unrealistic Speeds!

    1. simple

      If you do not like it you do not have to use it!

    2. SVENNE1362

      What speeds do you find unrealistic?

  2. where from is the wim bosman trailer skin?

    1. Mods used are in the description of the video.

      TKS! 😉

  3. What does it mean BEFORE? Must be this mod with higher or lower priority than jazzycat’s mods?

    1. Higher priority

      1. Cheers mate!

  4. Geoff,if you mean where the Bosmanskin is coming from ?….s-Heerenberg Netherlands also known by the name Mainfreight but if you mean the skin ??? from who it is ???.I think jazzycat

  5. Mario Silva

    80 local roads 90 motorway

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