Trafico Realista 2.5 by Rockeropasiempre para V_1.24.XX


NEW IN 2.5

– Updated truck traffic pack jazzycat 2.3 (81 trucks).
– Added AI tandem for Tandem MAN TGL 12.240 A.I. Traffic fellow CyrusTheVirus (10 trucks added)
– Functional with Promods.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

File weight: 40.7 Mb

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4 Responses to Trafico Realista 2.5 by Rockeropasiempre para V_1.24.XX

  1. procef says:

    este mod me gusta mucho, muchas gracias

  2. vivi75 says:

    In some the ETS toll, the AI Traffic stops even there is no cars or trucks in front of them. Can you fix it please?

  3. sven says:

    the ai still stops without reasen and is realy to fast

  4. Tobbie55 says:

    the best ai mod!

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