Trailer ATS ETS 2 Krone Doubledecker 40 Skins by Karen Grigoryan v 9.0

I bring to your attention; High quality trailer dvuhurovnik, with 40 skins, version 9. Trailers work as in ETS 2, so in the ATS. So now you can connect here and there and one mod, instead of two as they used to be. The trailer supports prod-coupling and lifting axle load weight 50 tons. In the log may be a warning about the format of the 3D models, but the game has no effect.
Tested in game version ETS 2
Tested in game version ATS

Author Karen Grigoryan


4 thoughts on “Trailer ATS ETS 2 Krone Doubledecker 40 Skins by Karen Grigoryan v 9.0

  1. Nie podobają mi się te twoje naczepy, daremna robota. Zero realizmu i jakieś zboczenie masz 🙁 bad job

    1. KarenGrigoryan

      Here’s a take and do better if you can and then criticize. Don’t like it don’t download.
      Вот возьми и лучше сделай,если сможешь а потом уже критикуй. Не нравится не качай.

  2. Great pack good job was wondering if will be more packs and who is the girl on the trailer can’t remember thanks

  3. Great pack good job …, was wondering if there is gonna be and update on v10 of your pack we need and updated pack to fix errors in log file about the .pmd files and wheel models etc … but overall great job still use but even though log files has error on the above .pmd and wheel models skins r great maybe we can see an update and few new skins.? 🙂 great job overall thanks

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