Trailer Attach Sound Mod


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This mod replaces the default “clunk.ogg” sound that plays when you
attach a trailer in ETS2, with a sound from Rig ‘n’ Roll.

Place mod in “mod” folder and activate in the profile selection

Softlab-NSK, TruckerKid


7 thoughts on “Trailer Attach Sound Mod

  1. cool!! lets give it a try…..

  2. Good replacement. Any way to make it louder? Or maybe make a hydraulics sound for realism?

    1. TruckerKid

      Unfortunately, I do not have the tools to increase the volume of the sound file or add a hydraulic sound and I am unable to find an .sii file that allows me to change the volume parameter. Sorry.

  3. Esta vida loca

    Sounds like a little bit too mechanic, it would be better with a little slide. But, that’s ok!

  4. Sound needs to be louder in-cabin, please.

    1. TruckerKid

      Sorry, I can’t seem to find a .sii file that allows me to increase the volume parameter and I don’t have the correct tools to increase the volume of the sound file.

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