Trailer Busbygg Sties v 1.12


Credits to the original designers, i just made the skin for trailer
and wheels.

Feel free to share, but respect the downloadlink..

RH and original designers


7 thoughts on “Trailer Busbygg Sties v 1.12

  1. In my opinion. If you don’t know the credits, don’t share it.

    1. I also didnt make the trailer but only changed the wheels and made a skin for it so I have to delete it?

  2. this trailer in my game rarely,you can do that would have come more often?

  3. hoekstra56

    who says i don’t know who the original designers are?, it clearly says credits to the original designers..

    credits to those who deserve it or is it that necessarily to call them by name?

    once on the internet it is public domain so at least i’ve shown them some courtesy by typing something i did’nt even had to do…

    … anyway, enjoy the skin (or not)

    1. Great work, thanks for sharing.
      Don’t mind him, some people are just being dumbasses and there’s nothing to do about it.

  4. The Simulator Guy

    does it work if u put this as well as your skin you made also? hartman skin?

    i would like to use both trailers because harman looks good on ceusters and sties looks good on sties 4 series

    1. I made the hartmann trailer someone else this one

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