Trailer Container Cronos [1.30]

– trailer Container Cronos [V1.30]
– standalone
– real texture
– AI Traffic
– anim. brace
– ADV_Coupling
– Liftaxles
– tested version

This trailer can also be added in ETS2studio (but remember to add credits)
– thank you
– Credits
– trailer:ETS2studio MDModding Zoso
– Zoso – Conversion and skin-Animation Brace-ADV_Coupling– Liftaxles
I am not a modder and even a skinner
and not obliged nobody download my mod



4 thoughts on “Trailer Container Cronos [1.30]

  1. I think, you reading in my Mind 🙂
    I´m starting to update my Container-Trailer.
    And now I will begin for new. 🙂
    Mille Grazie, amici Zoso

    1. Ho dimenticato di chiedere un modello o dove trovarlo.
      Grazie, zoso

  2. The template is in your ets2studio
    in this path: ETS2studio / templates / scs MDModding / container.
    I hope the trailer will work properly.

    1. Yes, I found it out, it´s the same as the Standard.
      Thank you for your answer.
      You must know, I´m blond… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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