Trailer Grumier


Trailer is Standalone.

The wheels author is MatDom1988.
The Trailer base is Schumi.
And Standalone Chassis by Vaay1999.

Good road.



7 Responses to Trailer Grumier

  1. Bora Customs says:

    Ventyres and Bora are authors of the wheels. Correct the credits, please. 🙂

  2. matdom1988 says:

    +1 bora
    yes, she is not me because I have never made a wheel.

  3. BatorJanosJani-7 says:

    00:00:33.448 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/grumier/trailer.pmd’
    00:00:33.464 : [model] Unknown variant named ‘default’ in model ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/grumier/trailer.pmc’.
    Mod not work for me…Why? :S

  4. poiut says:

    old mod

  5. 1xmichaelx1 says:

    TZ express trailer or?

  6. HomerS says:

    trailer by Rommi from TZ express!!!!!!!

  7. jean says:

    только от тебя моды без всяких багов и так далее sepper кдасс.

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