Trailer Kogel 1.36x V1

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Orjinal Jant Lastik

Özel Renk Seçeneği

Değişen Parçalar Add-Onn

Dorse Bağlantıları

Ao Render

Oyun Sürümü 1.36xx


Original Wheel Tire

Custom Color Option

Replacing Parts Add-Onn

Trailer Connections

Ao Render

Game Version 1.36xx

Rockwell, Snaip, Ventyres87, axelrol, Lazkopat


3 thoughts on “Trailer Kogel 1.36x V1

  1. Hello, I put the wrong link, I’m sorry, I would be glad if you put the link on the top


  2. volvodriver

    Thank you sir.Great trailer.

  3. Would be awesome if you could also do Axelrol’s Krone! Good job

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