Trailer Krone Cool Liner Duplo

– Trailer Krone Cool Liner Duplo
– Standalone.
– In Traffic
– Tested in ETS2 v1.26.x.x.
– Made with ETS2 Studio
– Running out of ideas. If you have any, please let me know. Thanks…
– Please respect my work, and the download link, enjoy, thanks…

Mako8841, SCS Software


15 thoughts on “Trailer Krone Cool Liner Duplo

  1. Nice trailer,how about doing trailers based on the company’s found in the game or farming companys but with some flavour to them using your trailer skills ?

  2. Nice trailer thanks,how about doing trailers based on the companies found in the game or famous farming companies but with some added flavour using your skills by I’m not sure maybe some great ideas will come by

    1. Thank you! I hope so…

  3. Mako8841,+I’ve+downloaded+every+single+one+of+your+trailers+since+you’ve+been+uploading+them+to+this+website,+They+have+all+worked+fantastically+in+game+and+all+look+perfect+on+the+roads+within+ETS2,+I+just+wanted+to+say+a+big+thank+you+and+say+that+I+appreciate+all+your+hard+work.

    1. Thank you very, very much!!!

  4. I like your work. I like this, because this is the real items.

  5. addition: the game will leave only your trailer +/- other real skins. I want to have a reality …

    1. I want reality too! And I have just about everything real in my game. I have changed all companies, trailers, and names. But, I am running out of ideas. Thanks for your kind words…

      1. Thanks

  6. gidion jacob


    1. I am using ETS2 v1.26.3.2. Maybe you should have a high priority in your mod manager. All my trailers work with ETS2 So, I really do not understand why. Sorry…

  7. Дупло!!!!!! Гы…

    1. Thanks!

  8. nerowskyyMonster

    Looks nice

    1. Thank you!

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