Trailer Krone Profi Liner Busch Spedition


– Trailer Krone Profi Liner Busch Spedition
– Standalone.
– In Traffic
– Tested in ETS2 v1.26.x.
– Made with ETS2 Studio
** I am currently working on a trailer pack with all my Krone Profi Liners. This will eliminate so many SCS files in your Mod Manager.
– Please respect my work, and the download link, enjoy, thanks…

Mako8841, SCS Software


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6 thoughts on “Trailer Krone Profi Liner Busch Spedition

  1. MasterofDesastar

    Looks like my work but okay nice one buddy.

    1. I don’t steal other mods. I don’t copy anyone’s work. This is my work, and I guarantee it! Thanks…

      1. MasterofDesastar

        You don’t steal the mod, but maybe I gave you a idee for this trailer. : )

  2. General a good Idea, but why you don´t do it directly?
    We do it also, we make a Pack and than we prepare it. 😉

    1. Thanks!

  3. sqferryman

    Thanks for making up packs. There are so many nice trailers mod manager was sweating trying to keep up. ??


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