Trailer Krone Profi Liner Serviroad


– Trailer Krone Profi Liner Serviroad
– Standalone.
– In Traffic
– Tested in ETS2 v1.26.x.
– Made with ETS2 Studio
– Please respect my work, and the download link, thanks…
– Credits: Mako8841 & SCS Software ONLY!!!

Mako8841, SCS Software ONLY!!!


2 thoughts on “Trailer Krone Profi Liner Serviroad

  1. You may have done it and uploaded it for download in here, but not your own ideia 😉 this skin was already been made by me along time ago. Get some fresh ideias from your own dude

    1. Hey dude, I didn’t steal your mod. Nor did I know you made this a long time ago… If I see a trailer I like, I’m going to paint it! Have you seen the hundreds of mods that are nearly the same? Who cares! If you don’t want a mod reproduced, then don’t post it online. And this was my idea… Along with the thousands of other! Have a nice day!

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