Trailer Lamberet SR2 V1.26


– Tested version 1.26.Xs
– Standalone
– Ai_Traffic
– Advance Coupling
– Compatible with all pack trailer and all DLC
– Update for version 1.26

* Respect the download link *

Credits: Donovan, MDModding, Fred_be


4 thoughts on “Trailer Lamberet SR2 V1.26

  1. Ciao Fred_be , thank you for these two trailers
    Now I’ll have to update my trailers, always if I can!
    lately the trailers with the new loading system (companies)
    Blender can not convert it, I always error: the directory does not exist.
    CiaoZ and Happy New Year

  2. Hello Zoso,
    I also use Blender to convert the “vehicle” folder. The “cargo” “company” and traffic.sii I do by hand.
    That’s why it takes a long time to convert a trailer into V1.26.
    Happy New Year.

    1. I will do so, I use the old system is less boring (does all ETS2studio)
      with your trailers have no problems.
      Schmitz Hupa MDM I had to do everything by hand
      extract from TZ package I always error.
      Thanks for your informations

  3. Hello Fred_be
    Can you do the “cargo” “company” to the Trailer Pack Coolliner #2 V1.25.
    This pack is amazing but it doesn’t work with the mod [Trailer-ETS2] Deleted trailers by SCS v1.1.
    Thanks in advance for your great jobs

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